Breakfast Menu

served until 11am
  • ‘In The Mood Full English Breakfast’

    • £6.95

    Two rashers of Back Bacon, two Old Spot Free Range Sausages, Mushrooms, Tomato & Free Range Egg (fried or scrambled). Served with Toast & Butter

  • Our GI Breakfast

    • £7.15

    Two Old Spot Free Range Sausages, two rashers of Back Bacon, Free Range Egg (scrambled or fried).Pancakes with either Maple or Golden Syrup

  • Served until 3pm

  • Bacon Bap

    • £3.50
    • add a fried egg £4.50

    Two rashers of Back Bacon

  • Sausage Bap

    • £3.50
    • add a fried egg £4.50

    Two Sausages and Onion Chutney

  • Free Range Scrambled Eggs on Toast

    • £4.05
    • add 2 rashers of bacon £5.65

    Served on white or granary toast.

  • Stack of Pancakes

    • £5.65

    Three Pancakes, two rashers of Back Bacon with Maple or Golden Syrup

  • Beans on Toast

    • £2.50
    • add 2 rashers of bacon £4.15

    A real favourite served on hot buttered toast: Either white or granary

  • Toasted Tea Cakes

    • £2.15

    With Butter Jam, Honey or Marmalade

  • Toast

    • £1.85

    Two pieces of white or granary bread with butter & preserve.
    (Gluten free bread available)

Lunch Menu

Served until 3pm
  • Jacket Potatoes

    • £5.25
    • additional fillings £1.00


    Try one of our generously filled Jacket Potatoes with melting Butter and a filling of your choice from: Coronation Chicken, Chilli, Prawn Mayonnaise, Coleslaw, Cheddar Cheese, Tuna Mayonnaise or Baked Beans. Served with a Side Salad

  • Soup of the Day

    • £4.50

    Our tasty soup served with a white or granary roll

  • Soup and a Savoury Scone

    • £6.25

    Our tasty Soup served with a warm Homemade Cheese Scone

  • Soup and a Sandwich

    • £6.75

    Our tasty Soup served with a Sandwich from our ‘Other Sandwich’ Range

  • Quiche of the Day

    • £6.75

    Our ‘In The Mood’ Quiche of the Day served with Side Salad, Hand Cut Crisps and a Bowl of Coleslaw

  • Ploughman’s Platter

    • £7.45

    Consisting of: Pork Pie, Home Cooked Ham, Scotch Egg, a Pickled Onion, Mature English Cheddar, Ploughman’s Pickle, Crusty Bread, piece of Apple & Celery and a Bowl of Coleslaw

  • Ploughman’s Sharing Platter for Two

    • £13.25

    Consisting of: Pork Pie, Home Cooked Ham, Scotch Egg, Pickled Onion, Ploughman’s Pickle, Mature English Cheddar, Apple & Celery and Crusty Bread

  • Sandwiches

    All our sandwiches are made from the finest locally sourced ingredients and are served on White or Granary Bread with a Bowl of Salad and Hand Cut Crisps

  • Fish Finger Sandwich

    • £5.95

    5 individual fish fingers with tartar sauce dressing

  • Brie, Bacon & Cranberry Sandwich (warm)

    • £5.95
    • baguette £6.75

    Two rashers of Smoked Back Bacon, melted Somerset Brie and Cranberry Sauce

  • Our Montgomery BLT

    • £5.95
    • baguette £6.75

    Two pieces of Smoked Back Bacon, Crisp Iceberg Lettuce and Tomatoes on Toasted White or Granary Bread

  • Jam Sandwich

    • £1.65

    Two rounds of White or Granary Bread with Strawberry or Blackcurrant Jam

  • Other Sandwiches

    • £4.95
    • baguette £5.75

    Choose from:

    • Tuna Mayonnaise with Cucumber
    • Coronation Chicken
    • Egg Mayonnaise
    • Brie and Cranberry
    • Cheddar Cheese and Red Onion Chutney
    • Cheddar Cheese and Tomato
    • Home Cooked Ham and Cheddar Cheese
    • Home Cooked Ham and Ploughman’s Pickle
    • Prawn Mayonnaise
  • Luxury Large Cheese Topped Scones

    • £3.50

    served with a Bowl of Coleslaw.
    Choose from:

    • Melted Somerset Brie and Tomato.
    • Cheddar Cheese and Onion Chutney.
    • Melted Cheddar and Pickle

Tea Time

In the early nineteenth century Anna, the 7th Duchess of Bedford is said to have complained of “having that sinking feeling” during the late afternoon due to the length of time between meals. The solution for the Duchess was a pot of tea and a light snack taken during the afternoon. Later friends were invited to join her for ‘tea & a gossip’, it became so popular that other social hostesses quickly picked up on the idea. Before long all of fashionable society was sipping tea and nibbling sandwiches and cakes in the middle of the afternoon!
  • The Blitz Special Tea

    • £6.25

    Our 1940 Afternoon tea. A Jam Sandwich with either Strawberry or Blackcurrant) served with a Piece of Cake from our Cake Selection and a Pot of Tea or a Cup of Coffee

  • The ‘IN THE MOOD’ Afternoon Tea

    • for one £12.00
    • for two £22.00

    Sandwich of your choice from our list of ‘other sandwiches’ a Bowl of Salad and a Bowl of Hand Cut Crisps. Followed by a Piece of Cake from our extensive display and a Scone with Preserve, Butter or
    Clotted Cream. With a Pot of Tea or Coffee of your choice.

    Add a glass of Prosecco. £4.95 per glass (125ml)
    Add a glass of Champagne. £6.50 per glass (125ml)

  • Cream Tea

    • £4.95

    Consisting of a Scone (plain or fruit) served with Preserve and Clotted Cream or Butter with a Pot of Tea ‘In The Mood Special Blend’ (or a blend of your choice from our extensive Tea Menu) or a Cup of Coffee

  • The ‘VERA LYNN’ Deluxe Cream Tea

    • £7.05

    One of our warm plain or Fruit Scones with Preserve & Clotted Cream and a piece of cake from our selection served with a Pot of Tea from our extensive Tea Menu or why not try our specially blended ‘In The Mood’ loose leaf Tea? Or a Cup of Coffee

  • Cakes

    • per slice £3.25

    A selection of cakes are available from our display including guten free. Please see our cake board for our extensive selection of the cakes available on the day

Our Beverages

  • Pot of Tea

    • £2.75

    A pot of freshly brewed loose leaf tea from our extensive tea menu served in the traditional way

  • Tea for Two

    • £5.25
  • Iced Tea

    • £3.15

    Served with lemonade

  • Coffee

    • expresso £1.25
    • americano £2.30
    • cappuccino £2.40
    • latte £2.40
    • mocha £2.40

    from our freshly grounded 'In the Mood' blend
    Served with a Vanilla or Caramel Shot or a Cream Top for £3.05

  • ‘In the Mood’ Hot Chocolate

    • £3.15

    A speciality hot chocolate topped with whipped cream, mini marshmallows and chocolate

  • ‘In the Mood’ Decadent Hot Chocolate

    • £5.00

    Served in a large mug with Whipped Cream, Marshmellows and a Chocolate Flake

  • Fresh fruit juice

    • £2.00

    A choice of apple or orange

  • Coca Cola, Diet Coke or Lemonade

    • £1.75
  • Ginger Beer, Victorian Lemonade, Pink Lemonade or Dandelion and Burdock

    • £2.00
  • Bottled Water

    • £1.50

    Still or sparkling

  • Childs’ fruit juice orange or blackcurrant

    • £1.25
  • Smoothies

    • £3.50

    Ask for more details of our delicious range of iced fruit smoothies

  • Alcoholic Beverages

  • Champagne

    • per glass (125ml) £6.50
    • per bottle (750ml) £35.00

    Tanners Brut Extra Reserve Champagne NV

  • Prosecco

    • per glass (125ml) £4.95
    • per bottle (750ml) £18.00

    Prosecco Frizzante Treviso Borgo
    Prosecco Frizzante Treviso Ceschin

  • Wine

    • small glass (175ml) £4.00
    • large glass (250ml) £6.50

    House Red, White and Rose

  • Pimms

    • £15.00

    Jug of iced Pimms filled with fruit

  • Cider

    • £3.50

    Bulmers Original Cider 4.00% ABV 
    Bulmers Bold Black Cherry 4.00% ABV

  • Real Ale

    • £3.50

    Spitfire Premium Ale 4.5% ABV
    London Pride 4.7% ABV 
    Timothy Taylor 4.1% ABV

Speciality Teas

Our speciality teas are carefully selected to provide a delicious and Authentic tea experience. Please ask a member of staff for help in choosing the right tea for you. All are Teas are purchased from Golden Monkey Tea Company. Their shop is located in the picturesque town of Warwick in Warwickshire, UK. You will find them amongst many interesting and unique independent businesses on Smith Street, Warwick’s oldest shopping street. The Golden Monkey was started in November 2008 and has since been selling delicious teas and fabulous accessories from all over the world. The idea stems from a long passion for tea, its history, and the realisation that few traditional tea merchants still exist in tea-loving Britain. They pride themselves on the knowledge and experience they have and are always excited to share what they have learned whenever we visit their cosy shop. Please try some of their Tea that are available for sale in the tearoom or directly from Golden Monkey. Their website details are
  • In The Mood Breakfast Tea Blend

    Origin: India and Sumatra, Indonesia 

    Our very own specially blended ‘In The Mood’ Tea! It is perfect on its own or with the many homemade cakes we have on offer. It is a blend of malty single origin Assam combined with a variety of organic broken leaf teas resulting in a strong, smooth and refreshing cup that we think you are going to fall in love with.

    Enjoy with or without milk
    Steep for 3 - 5 minutes

  • Rose Black Tea

    Ingredients: Luxury Ceylon, Rosehip Chips, Rose Petals, Blackberry Leaves, Natural Flavouring

    This tea has the ability to make any room burst with the aromas of summer. Images of warm sunshine and laughter and relaxing with close friends spring to mind. This blend  is a beautiful bouquet of roses in a cup. A lovely cup of tea to enjoy with a piece of cake or two.

    Enjoy with or without milk
    Steep for 3 - 5 minutes

  • Earl Grey Black Tea

    Grade: OP (Orange Pekoe)
    Origin: Sri Lanka and Yunnan, China
    Ingredients: Luxury Black Tea, Cornflower Petals, Natural Flavours

    Named after the 2nd Earl Grey, British Prime Minister in the 1830s, it is now the most popular blend of tea in the world. This blend is composed of tea from the top growing regions in Sri Lanka with the addition of Yunnan tea beautifully flavoured with natural zingy bergamot oil.

    Enjoy with or without milk
    Steep for 3 - 5 minutes

  • Japan Sencha Green Tea

    Origin: China

    This tea is a lovely everyday green tea and one of our best sellers . This style of green tea is the most popular green tea in Japan where, unlike Chinese green teas, it is first steamed to prevent oxidation. As a result you get a  light liquor with a smooth, deep body and a grassy, more vegetal flavour. It may be re-infused as many as 3 times. 

    Usually drunk without milk
    Steep for 2 - 3 minutes

  • Mocha Rocha Rooibos

    Grade: Choice Grade #1
    Origin: South Africa
    Ingredients: Luxury South African Rooibos, Decaf Ethiopian Coffee, Caramel-Butterscotch Pieces, Calendula Petals, Natural Flavours

    Ethiopian coffee highlights combined with dark caramel wind their way through this caffeine free rooibos. It has a tempting and delicious aroma with a light and delicately silky taste. Yummy!

    Enjoy with or without milk
    Steep for 5 min plus

  • Counting Sheep

    Ingredients: Chamomile, Lemongrass, Spearmint, Lavender

    A delicious caffeine free herbal tea blend with chamomile, spearmint and lemongrass with just the slightest hint of lavender. The lovely lemony and minty menthol infusion perfectly compliments our beautiful Cotswold countryside.

    Usually drunk without milk
    Steep for 5 min plus

  • Decaf Ceylon Black Tea

    Grade: OP
    Origin: Sri Lanka

    This is a classic cup of tea with the added bonus of being decaffeinated. Carbon dioxide was used to extract the caffeine, one of the most modern technologies existing so far, whilst protecting the antioxidants. A mild and tender cup with a slightly flowery bouquet. The perfect alternative for those who are looking for a tea to fit the true-brew bill, minus
    the caffeine.

    Enjoy with or without milk
    Steep for 3 - 5 minutes

  • Bora Bora Fruit Infusion

    Ingredients: Hibiscus Blossoms, Apple Pieces, Papaya Cubes (Papaya, Sugar), Currants, Elderberries, Blackcurrant, Flavouring, Freeze-Dried Raspberry and Strawberry Pieces, Sunflower Blossoms, Corn Flower Blossoms 

    A selection of local summer fruit and more exotic favourites are blended together to create this sweet and tangy tisane. Depending on how long you steep it, you will be able to enjoy an exciting range of flavours. A spectacular fruit infusion enjoyed by all.

    Usually drunk without milk
    Steep for 5 min plus

Speciality Coffees

All coffees are purchased from Monsoon Estates. Monsoon Estates is a traditional family run, coffee roastery, based on the Alscot Estate just outside Stratford Upon Avon. Anne and Chris have been interested in coffee all their adult life and started Monsoon early 2010. They bring raw coffee beans from all over the world and roast them in small batches with the emphasis on quality and freshness. Always looking for new and interesting coffees in a relentless quest for that perfect cup Great Taste Award winners every year since 2012. In 2016 their Expresso Blend won 3 Gold Stars, Top 50 UK and the prestigious Golden Folk Award. They can be found at
  • Brazilian Daterra

    • £3.00

    This is a blend of different varieties and is a dry processed coffee. It is a full bodied  coffee with a truly sweet flavour with delicate acidity offering an elegant and unique after taste. Subtle aromas and flavours of cocoa and vanilla. Great sweet espresso and wonderful with milk. It suits all brew methods.

  • ETHIOPIA Yirgacheffe

    • £3.00

    This is a really beautiful delicate coffee with aromas of jasmine and citrus fruit. A sweet, clean cup of coffee with fruity and chocolate flavour. Good body and high in acidity Suits all brew methods but probably best as filter/cafetiere especially if you don’t like a brighter espresso.

  • Indian Malabar

    • £3.00

    One of the great, aged coffees of the world and one of our favourites as a coffee to drink. It takes its name from the Malabar region in Southern India. The harvested beans are stored in warehouses awaiting the monsoon. When the monsoon arrives the warehouse doors are opened and the beans are exposed to the wind and rain whereupon they enlarge dramatically.  This process helps give them their unique flavour characteristics, which are bold, pungent and spicy. This is a dark roast coffee, for those who like deep, strong flavours. As with any dark roast there is a degree of bitterness. In our opinion this coffee is great with milk, although we have many customers who drink it black. Suits all brew methods.